Manga Submission Rules and FAQ

Submitting Your Work


Permissible Content
  • Type - Your work is a PROJECT, not a GALLERY. We have a separate gallery for your artwork elsewhere.  Please be sure that your total project has a plot or, in the case of very short one-shots, has a point other than to show off your mad art skillz.
  • Style - Your work does not have to be manga. It can be any style of comic you want. We just primarily focus on manga.
  • Content - Your story does not have to be primarily evangelistic...we do not necessarily favor works that are or are not.  However, if a viewpoint exists within the story that contradicts Scriptural teachings, it should not be the dominant viewpoint or should be dispelled by the end of the story. It is expected that some character arcs will begin with people...even heroes...who hold erroneous beliefs.  We also, however, expect that these erroneous beliefs will be remedied by the story's end.
  • Violence - Violence is permitted as long as it's not overly gory. By overly gory, I mean severed heads and guts lying on the ground.  Since many people are sensitive to the sight of blood, please factor this into your rating if it exists. Must be noted in the rating description.
  • Magic - Because magic in Christian fiction is a theologically sticky point, we highly, highly discourage its use.  Many arguments have begun on CM because of this particular storytelling element, and because of that, we choose to err on the side of caution and forbid its inclusion in any work to be placed in our gallery. 
  • Language - You can use it, but please keep it censored. Please also factor it into the rating you apply to your work. Must be noted in the rating description.
  • Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco Use - Also a sensitive topic, so please factor it into your rating accordingly.  Must be noted in the rating description.
  • Sexual content - Please keep it implied/behind closed doors. Must be noted in the rating description.
  • Skimpy clothes/nudity - Please, no nudity. Too many problems involved. For clothing, please remember that this can be a stumbling block for your readers, no matter your reason for including it. Unless you have a very good point to make by a character dressing immodestly, please try to keep the clothing conservative.
  • Denominational beliefs - Please, no content that's meant to demonstrate how one denomination or philosophy is superior to another.
    We do not support any work that promotes division in the church.

Please do not submit manga/comics that are essentially a Christian ripoff of a popular manga.

Email if you aren't sure if your story fits the requirements.

Note: If your work has been previously rejected for inclusion on CM, please do not resubmit unless you reworked the story. You will be rejected
again. You may, however, submit another project. By registering and adding your work to CM, you assert that the work is as Scripturally sound as is reasonably possible given your current level of spiritual maturity, and understand that rights to post may be revoked if the work promotes ungodly viewpoints, sinful actions, or is misleading about Christianity in general.

We reserve the right to reject any work at any time without notice. CM does not claim to own the rights to any of the manga you place on the site, but you do grant us permission to use your art purely for promotional, non-profit applications such as buttons and banners for the site.

If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not fill out the project submission form.

Terms of Service

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