CM Member Guide (or, “Life Together”)

By using the forum, chat room, shoutbox, user galleries, or any other aspect of the website, you agree to adhere to the following rules. Failure to abide by these rules may get you suspended or banned, depending on the circumstances and severity of offense. We strive to make this a safe, courteous and family-friendly environment, so please help us keep it that way.

1. Banned content: offensive stuff we will delete on sight. Banned content includes (but is not limited to):

  • a. Coarse language. If for some reason you must use hard language, please censor accordingly.
  • b. Shock/Gross-out images: overly violent, grotesque, and otherwise bizarre pictures that disturb viewers.
  • c. Pornography/Hentai. Sexually explicit or suggestive writing, photography, artwork, etc.,.
  • d. Illegal acts: discussion of MP3s, warez and downloaded anime is a bad idea. Please obey the laws of your state, province and/or country.
  • e. Soliciting personal information. For the safety of our members, do not ask for other members’ personal information, and for your own safety, do not post enough information on the boards so that someone could locate you in real life. If someone tries to solicit information from you, inform a mod or admin immediately.
  • f. Linking to aforementioned banned content. If you’re unsure if something is allowed, ask a mod or admin.

2. Theological content. We regard the Holy Bible as our sole rule of faith and practice. We encourage discussion and hard questions—that is fine and good. However, we do not allow you to deliberately post things that plainly contradict Scripture. Please be prepared to back up your assertions with relevant, in-context Bible verses.

3. Conduct. We expect you to exemplify maturity by treating others with respect. Use good judgment, and avoid giving undue offense. Offensive conduct includes (but is not limited to):

  • a. Hate-speech. Respect fellow members’ convictions, even if you don’t agree with them. It’s okay to argue, forcefully even, for your persuasion. It’s not okay to disrespect your Christian brother whose persuasion is different than yours. Truth without love is harshness. Love without truth is sentimentality. Speak the truth in love.
  • b. Flaming. Keep your discussions civil. If you feel that somebody is wrong, attack the person’s position, not the person himself. Reasonable argumentation (“I disagree with you for legitimate reasons X, Y and Z”) is fine. Name-calling (“I disagree with you, and you’re stupid”) is not.
  • c. Trolling. Be nice. Don’t antagonize people for fun.

4. Spam: posts that clutter the forum and lessen your user experience. Spam includes (but is not limited to):

  • a. Unintelligible blather. Make sure what you post has a clear and constructive purpose. For example, don’t start a thread called “Ponies ^o^ (yay)!!!” and have as your first post, “Me liek ponies. <3” That’s just nonsense.
  • b. Repeated Advertising. If you’ve come to shamelessly promote your products, go somewhere else. Buy your own advertising space.
  • c. Free-form RPGs. We already have plenty of those, so get an admin’s permission before starting a new one.

5. Forum government. Administrators (admins) run the website, and they appoint moderators (mods) to manage assigned parts of the board. They form the administration team. Submit to them and receive correction when necessary. A few things to remember:

  • a. Do not beg to be a moderator. If you stick around long enough and build a good reputation, someone may recommend you for promotion if there’s a need. Good behavior is often rewarded and never goes unnoticed.
  • b. Questioning the administration team. If you have a problem with them, or if you feel they have acted wrongly, you can let them know. They are open to criticism and will carefully weigh your concerns as long as you go about it respectfully.
  • c. “Elastic Clause.” At their discretion, the administration team will decide what is and is not appropriate for Just because you post something not specifically addressed in these rules doesn’t mean the administration team approves of it. To quote MelMak, "Pray before you post!"

6.   New members. Here are some guidelines for testing the waters.

  • a. Observe. Get a feel for things around here by lurking a bit before you post. Take note of veteran members’ posting habits, and then adjust at a steady pace.
  • b. No duplicate threads. We'd rather you grave-dig than create a duplicate thread for a topic that already exists. If you're not sure, use the search engine at the top of the page.
  • c. Signatures. Sigs should be roughly around 400 pixels high or less.
  • d. Spoiler Tags. Use them when necessary.
  • e. Let us get to know you. We’re glad you’re here, and we want you to feel welcome! A good way to introduce yourself is by posting in the “Welcome Wagon.”

7. Topics to avoid. Due to past conflicts, we generally discourage conversation about fictional magic and the historical origins of major holidays. There may be a time and place for those discussions, but only under set parameters. Get an admin’s approval first. Here are some threads we will never allow under any circumstance:

  • a. “I hate [fill in the blank]” threads.
  • b. Console wars.
  • c. Politically oriented threads.