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morning monster
 Views: 23
 Comments: 3
Posted by cherryblossom
Dec 08, 2017
in Cherry's  drawings = 3 =
~Merry (early) Christmas! ~
Rockin' my Garfield Christmas sweater!
 Views: 26
 Comments: 5
Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
Dec 07, 2017
in Lizzie's Art
Angry Mark (Finished)
After drawing the background, I spent a few hours redrawing/splicing together new versions of the face, neck and shoulders. Everything looks better, and at long last, I think it's acceptable. A few more things I might adjust, but I'm basically done.
 Views: 50
 Comments: 6
Posted by Theomedes
Dec 06, 2017
in Art of Theomedes
kill la kill
 Views: 32
 Comments: 4
Posted by cherryblossom
Dec 04, 2017
in Cherry's  drawings = 3 =
Last Art (Maybe Not?)
This might (not?) be the last art I post to CM. Pencils from a work in progress. Still need to do the background. I'm also gonna redraw the hands. (Originally, I was going to have him wear a heavy coat with all kinds of pockets/zippers, but it got too crazy with the folds for me to draw accurately,…
 Views: 59
 Comments: 5
Posted by Theomedes
Dec 03, 2017
in Art of Theomedes
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