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Blue 2009 Remix (And Goodbye, CM Pic)
This is inspired by the 2009 remix of "Blue" by Eiffel 65. I forgot to mention that Headphone Girl has an older twin brother!  ;)

And now for the "goodbye:" Thanks again so, so much CM admins, moderators, and members. Whether you realize it or not, you've made a really big impact on my life. I've ma…
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 Comments: 3
Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
Oct 18, 2017
in Lizzie's Art
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Midoriya for Cherry
I hope you like it Cher!
 Views: 81
 Comments: 16
 Rating: 4.97
Posted by The ninja artist
Oct 14, 2017
in Gift Art
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Inkhana's Fan Art
I DIDN'T DRAW THIS. I traced it a long time ago. This is a picture Inkhana drew, my very first fan-art. Thank you, Ink.
 Views: 42
 Comments: 3
Posted by Theomedes
Oct 13, 2017
in Art of Theomedes
Inktober 11th (2017): Demon Valentine
Tom Lucitor, the demon prince and Star's ex-boyfriend from Star Vs. the Forces of Evil.

Love that show! <3
 Views: 24
 Comments: 2
Posted by D-Kitsune
Oct 13, 2017
in My Fanart
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Lizzie's Inktober 10- Gigantic
I've decided this will be the last Inktober picture I'll upload to CM. (I'll be sure to draw an official goodbye pic on October 30th or earlier!)<br />I drew Headphone Girl with a huge heart because *SENTIMENT ALERT* I love you guys!<br /><3
 Views: 41
 Comments: 5
 Rating: 4.94
Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
Oct 10, 2017
in Lizzie's Art
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