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Malachi (from Demon Battles) Art Trade
This is an art trade I did with Gabby.
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Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
in Lizzie's Art
Art Trade: Happy Goth Girl and Cynical Magical Girl
As part of an art trade I did with Lizzie Grace of two of her OCs, the Happy Goth girl and the Cynical Magical Girl.
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Posted by Gabby
in Gabby's Drawings
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Music - My Demons
"I need a savior to heal my pain, when I become my worst enemy."

This one just looks really messy, sorry. Dustin Bates, lead singer of Starset, wearing one of the spacesuits his band is known for, sits on a possible space rock as his witnesses his inner darkness rise from within him. Also there's t…
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Posted by SuperStarlite
Jun 25, 2017
in Star's Artyard
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Music - Stardust
"Look at the wake, from the stardust pouring from your eyes. It's not mistake, you are perfect... You are perfect in my mind. And you won't fade away."<br /><br />Another obviously music inspired sketch. This one is Stardust by Gemini Syndrome. An ugly representation of their singer, Aaron Nordstrom…
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Posted by SuperStarlite
Jun 25, 2017
in Star's Artyard
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Music - Waving Through a Window
I've recently(through Owl City) have learned of the musical "Dear Evan Hansen". I wouldn't quite say I've fallen in love with it, but I certainly have with the music.
Music and Art two sides of the same thing to me. I naturally associate music with art and art with music.

Feel free to critique thi…
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Posted by SuperStarlite
Jun 25, 2017
in Star's Artyard
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