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August Sketch 1 - Reed
The work around the house is back and I'm back in my room(sort of place)! Back to my normal schedule, back to art time 10-time!

...Um... That means that I'm back in my comfy place of the house and I'll be trying to draw every night at 10 just before bed.

Anyway, here we have Reed I guess. Hahah.
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Posted by SuperStarlite
Aug 15, 2017
in Star's Artyard
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2 - aug. 15, 2017
 :critiqueplz: :redlineplz: :critiqueplz: :redlineplz: :critiqueplz: :redlineplz:
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Posted by rigningardagur
Aug 15, 2017
in august challenge
more abour my OC
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Posted by cherryblossom
Aug 15, 2017
in Cherry's  drawings = 3 =
Happy Birthday Lizzie!
I hope you like it, Liz! (you actually have to, because Sonic would only agree to do this because I told him it's your birthday :P)

I made this partially for Lizzy's birthday, because she's a sonic fan (like me), but also partially to celebrate the release of Sonic Mania. I've been waiting for this…
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 Rating: 4.94
Posted by The ninja artist
Aug 15, 2017
in Gift Art
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1 - aug. 14, 2017
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Posted by rigningardagur
Aug 15, 2017
in august challenge
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