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Sonic Parody- The Yard Sale
Rouge finds some pretty jewelry at a yard sale. Shadow finds a Bible at the same yard sale. He comes across Exodus 20:15...
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Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
Aug 16, 2017
in Lizzie's Art
This is a rough drawing I did of Cherry's OC that she insisted that I post.
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Posted by The ninja artist
Aug 16, 2017
in Ninja's random art
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Rig avi
Here you go Rig! I hope you like it. ^-^

I wanted to test out some watercolors i got in the mail, so i used them on this pic.
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 Comments: 6
Posted by The ninja artist
Aug 16, 2017
in Gift Art
3 - aug. 16, 2017
 Views: 13
 Comments: 2
Posted by rigningardagur
Aug 16, 2017
in august challenge
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August Sketch 2 - Lucy
Just to make up for being a bit late, have another sketch tonight. Lucy reading a book. I'm pretty pleased with this one, except for her left hand resting on her wrist, it just looks like a mess... >_<
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 Comments: 4
Posted by SuperStarlite
Aug 15, 2017
in Star's Artyard
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