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Posted by cherryblossom
Dec 24, 2017
in Cherry's  drawings = 3 =
:A: Walking with you
I wanted to draw a winter avvy really quickly. It isn't perfect, but at least my icon won't look summer-y anymore. :D
I wanted to look like I'm saying hi to a friend before we went out in the snow together. I miss doing that~ ♥

Merry (early) Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all~
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Posted by simplelovemelody07
Dec 21, 2017
in Silo's Art Things
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Click the giftbox to see what it is! :D
You can use it for your phone wallpaper... even if you don't have an Android!
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Posted by Lizzie Grace the Geek
Dec 20, 2017
in Lizzie's Art
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A drawing of a friend
I haven't drawn in a couple month and saw a picture of my friend and wanted to draw her.
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Posted by dokia
Dec 15, 2017
in Random artwork I have done
Last Art (Not Really?)
An old man named Mr. Briggs. A piece that was *almost* good, *almost* the way I wanted it. After all the time I spent, I'm still gonna redo it. It's funny how I redraw almost everything I draw. I need a faster method.
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Posted by Theomedes
Dec 15, 2017
in Art of Theomedes
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