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Charon and Grendel
Two Spectre Operatives. Armed with Control Braces, they are able to command nearby Fragments. As Royal Blue tries to keep ICE under wraps, Spectre launches attack after attack to wear down the Purifiers. What's their game? I'm not telling! :3

Oh, and look! Shading!
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 Rating: 4.94
Posted by Jemuel
Dec 18, 2009
in Working Title: Reconciled
Gadget, again.
Here's another, more updated picture of Gadget. I probably shoulda added shading, but I spent so much time working on the @*#* snow, that I just wanted to post it.
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 Comments: 2
Posted by Jemuel
Dec 16, 2009
in Working Title: Reconciled
No idea what this is, but it's the result of several days of sparking out. The first drawing I've made in a while, so it's like a trophy.
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Posted by Jemuel
Dec 15, 2009
in Jemuel's Cave
Swine Flu Paranoia
It seems that EVERYONE's afraid of catching h1n1... n__n
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 Comments: 5
Posted by Jemuel
Dec 09, 2009
in Jemuel's Cave
Protagonist Final Versions
Not quite an inked final, not quite a sketch. An inky sketch? Anyways, from left to right:

Joan Arxon.
Her father was killed before her eyes, and were it not for Wedge she would have died that night as well. As she fights the Enforcers, Guardians, and Riders, she tries to live up to her family le…
 Views: 69
Posted by Jemuel
Dec 08, 2009
in Working Title: Guardian Crisis
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