Cherry's  drawings = 3 =
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here is where you can find some terrible pictures!  :P
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morning practice
Ugh I drew this at 8:10 in the morning, I had gotten only 7 hours of sleep so it looks a bit off. >:(
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more digital sketches (ughhhhhhhhhhhhh)
this was a random modern elve (since you always see them in fantasy like cloths I thought what if they were i the present?) it still really stinks but I think I'm getting better on the computer.
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Apr 27, 2017
here is a lazy sketch I did, ugh still trying  to get familiar with it, my mom thought he looked like Orion from amnesia ;D
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Apr 27, 2017
really bad computer sketch
oh my gosh why!!
This is what I meant about being horrible at drawing on the computer!!!!
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Apr 25, 2017
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more random practices
just another (horrible) practice  :P
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Apr 25, 2017
(horrible) computer sketch
ughhhhhhh I'm trying to get a hang of computer art but I'm terrible at it, looks like I have to post pone my manga till I can get a hand of things, new plan I have to practice digital art for this summer, so here is my first practice (sigh)
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Apr 24, 2017
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sigh, why is this so bad, this is just terrible, I guess this is what I get for drawing first thing in the morning (Stop making excuses just admit it, your a terrible artist)
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Apr 23, 2017
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part of the same manga idea as the other girl,  like him, he's shy but sweet. I HATE his arm, what was I trying to do?
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Apr 21, 2017
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part of a old manga idea, I thought I should re draw some of the characters so, here it is, she has very small wings which makes it impossible to fly (which is rare and a disability)  so they call her cupid, since she is really "pretty" ( I don't think she is)  and has small wings, a lot of the guys…
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Apr 21, 2017
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this is me last night, like exactly 100 percent accurate  (except for the crying, I was not)
I was even wearing the same thing.
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Apr 21, 2017
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wierd, raandom strip
This is something random I drew last night (when I'm supposed to be asleep) it was sloppy since I was tired.
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Apr 13, 2017
Zoom Details 2
this is a tribute to a character ship that me and my friend both loved but never happened in our favorite manga strobe edge.
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Apr 12, 2017
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Howl again, I just couldn't help but draw him.
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Apr 12, 2017
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first ever sketches of my heros. I love Reizo! My character profile's are all over the place but I can make since of it.
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Apr 12, 2017
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some of my villain sketches for my manga!
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Apr 12, 2017
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