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I had to draw something for an art showing, so I drew Konoha.
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Feb 25, 2016
Oh, look, it's a nice bishie WI-
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Jan 24, 2016
Pixel Art WIP
Me messing around with pixel art.
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Jan 24, 2016
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Glow Stone
Hey, a glowing rock.
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Jan 17, 2016
I drew her when she's older.
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Dec 20, 2015
This is my OC, Alice.
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Dec 14, 2015
Sarah's Secret Santa
alliteration yay
I had a lot of fun drawing this! This is Sarah's character, James (or Jimmie. Something around that.)
The link to the large version is in the Secret Santa thread.
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Dec 02, 2015
Made his body shape a little less feminine, so now he looks more weirdly androgynous than a bishie sort of like a guy, maybe.
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Nov 20, 2015
Konoha Chibi
This is what I do instead of, say, schoolwork or writing my novel. But it's Konoha, so it's okay... maybe. I experimented with colored outlines, so tell me how I did!<br /> :critiqueplz:
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Nov 18, 2015
NaNoWriMo Test Cover
This is just a cover to make me happy to look at before I actually draw one traditionally, when I become decent at art.
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Nov 03, 2015
From my NaNoWriMo novel~
My MC, Pollux.
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Nov 03, 2015
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My Icon
Because I haven't proved that I'm weird enough already.
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Oct 27, 2015
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Rohar Toning
I practiced toning with Sarah's character Rohar~
The character and line art is NOT MINE
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Sep 19, 2015
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Mute Button Forms
I drew proper pictures of the forms and faces, so you could get a better idea of what they look like. Form 1 w/ Face 2, and Form 2 w/ Face 1. I won't be using that colouring/outlining style for Mute Button, though. That was just me experimenting. The person is my OC Casey. I've been feeling like dra…
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Sep 11, 2015
hey, arms.
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Sep 10, 2015
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