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Mute Button Form Options
So I have major consistency problems when it comes to Mute Button, so I thought I would draw some possible forms. I think I like form one & face two better, but that might be because it's easier for me to draw. Also face 2 can express more emotions, I think. What do you guys think I should do?
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Sep 10, 2015
A young girl stands... actually, she doesn't know where she stands. She doesn't really remember anything. Not that she should want to. EDIT: Forgot to credit the sprite base to Andrew Hussie.
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Sep 09, 2015
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Ticci Toby
I figure that I need more creepy Toby art.
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Sep 06, 2015
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Shadow Link
Because I was bored.
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Sep 01, 2015
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Maybe I'll add a real background... maaaybe.
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Aug 27, 2015
Casey WIP
A WIP of my OC Casey. I tried to replicate the colouring style of DA's Fatal Impurity and Kastoway (example of colouring:
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Aug 27, 2015
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Panda Hero
A thing I did on FireAlpaca out of boredom. Based off the song Panda Hero, by Hachi.
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Aug 26, 2015
Because I can only think of ideas when I'm busy.
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Aug 24, 2015
Let's Take Over the Universe!
I drew two of the final bosses (Marx and Magolor) from the Kirby series as humans, and I managed to forget to draw Marx's wings... :doomplz:
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Aug 21, 2015
Concept Art Thing
She wasn't meant meant to look like Orochimaru but
it sort of happened.
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Aug 17, 2015
 My character Erin... eh, it could be worse. :critiqueplz:
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Jul 25, 2015
I drew a bishounen, and everybody needs at least one pink-haired bishounen.
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Jul 24, 2015
Because Mello would definitely stuff a whole chocolate bar down his throat.
The drawing's of Mello, from Death Note.
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Jul 18, 2015
Line Test
Testing out a new digital inking style. I drew Amaimon from Ao no Exorcist.
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Jul 18, 2015
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Art Trade w/ Sarah- Carmine
After a thousand years and I night, I finally stopped procrastinating and drew this. There are only some minor things that I plan to fix in the future, but this is done for now :) Hopefully she doesn't look too out of character xP :critiqueplz: Also woooow, the camera killed the colour
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Jul 15, 2015
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