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FireAlpaca Test (Reupload)
I am really, really happy with this picture. I'm basically really happy with FireAlpaca, so yea. I might have a short stream later where I colour her, if you guys are interested...
EDIT: I will only be able to livestream if I don't have to install/download anything, so if you guys know anything I…
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Apr 09, 2015
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FireAlpaca Test- Coloured
Thanks to everybody who stopped by my stream~~!
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Apr 09, 2015
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Game Picture
This is for a test game that I'm making before I start The Shattering.
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Apr 11, 2015
Ticci Toby
I speed drew this...
It took me around two hours.
*passes out*
EDIT: I'll probably work on this later; I don't really like the shading, and I want to draw some sort of background. Maybe I'll stream, if you guys want~
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Apr 15, 2015
Ticci Toby- Take 2
I edited my Ticci Toby picture a bit more; I might edit it a bit to explain some of the things in this picture.
EDIT: I decided to draw Slenderman in, for this to make sense, so there will be a third take.
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Apr 17, 2015
Ticci Toby- Final Take
Here is the final picture of Ticci Toby~ (and now, Slenderman)
I figured that, since I worked so hard on this, I would use this in my test-game, Proxy. (I'm using that game to learn to script+ spriting)
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Apr 17, 2015
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Style Practice
My manga style vs. my weird new style...
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Apr 23, 2015
Red Chibi
I said I was drawing a chibi.
Red from LoZ: Four Swords~
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May 07, 2015
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WIP Thing
Woo, look, no background... which is why this is a WIP.  :critiqueplz:
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May 14, 2015
Shadow Link
I drew this because out of every conversation topic in the universe, he's the thing my cousin and I talked about the most, ever since she read my Four Swords+ manga.
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Jun 17, 2015
You've Got the HERO'S MASK!
I drew a picture of Ben. IDK.
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Jun 22, 2015
Matryoshka Gumi
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Jul 13, 2015
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Art Trade w/ Sarah- Carmine
After a thousand years and I night, I finally stopped procrastinating and drew this. There are only some minor things that I plan to fix in the future, but this is done for now :) Hopefully she doesn't look too out of character xP :critiqueplz: Also woooow, the camera killed the colour
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Jul 15, 2015
Line Test
Testing out a new digital inking style. I drew Amaimon from Ao no Exorcist.
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Jul 18, 2015
Because Mello would definitely stuff a whole chocolate bar down his throat.
The drawing's of Mello, from Death Note.
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Jul 18, 2015
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