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Just some of my art that doesn't have anything to do with my mangas.
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Chirithy from Kingdom hearts union/unchained x
So today's warm up drawing before I head into my studio to work on my manga came out a lot different then I first intended...tell me what you think does chirithy need this hoodie in the games? (Also it's sideways and I can't fix it at the moment so please pardon that slight annoyance.)
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Apr 11, 2017
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Sora Chibi
I did this really quick the other day while hanging out with a friend. I don't really like it but I thought you guys might enjoy it.
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Feb 18, 2017
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random characters
more random character sketches that I did while writing the outline for my new time travel story.  :critiqueplz:
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Feb 18, 2017
A character with no name
here is a character concept from a time travel story that I can't say a whole bunch about yet but will talk about more once Hourglass is finished.  :critiqueplz:
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Feb 18, 2017
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Lori Final Version
What's up guys! What you are looking at is the final version of a character for my up coming manga project called Hourglass. It's been in the works now for 2 years and is finally in the beginning of the last stages of production. This character is the main character's best friend and love interest.…
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Feb 18, 2017
Shun 2016
Happy new year! I did this right before Christmas, he is the main character in a manga one shot that I am currently creating and will be released (self publication) at the end of this year or the beginning of next year! And since I want it to be the best it can be,  :critiqueplz:

If you are interested and wan…
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Jan 04, 2017
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Deku (boku no hero acadamia)
 :critiqueplz: I did this earlier today and just felt like posting it.
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Dec 20, 2016
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Character idea
Hey guys! I did this a few months ago and just got around to posting it now. Sorry that it's not a scan but I'm working really hard on a manga project (this character is not in it though) and raising funds to go back to Japan with ywam full time. Anyway I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!  :critiqueplz: (also…
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Dec 05, 2016
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Drawing from this side of the world (japan)
Hey guys I drew this about a month ago and a friend added the text. Anyway I just wanted to prove that I still exist. I would love to hear what you have to say or if you have any questions about Japan! (Sorry about the photo being flipped)
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Aug 09, 2016
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Hourglass poster
This is the first promo image for my manga that I am in the middle of creating. For more info on it head over to the Hourglass thread in the manga/comics section of the projects forum. Or you can click this link:,3976.0.html
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May 08, 2016
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Death is not the end
:critiqueplz: sorry I haven't been posting much art guys but I've been really busy with my current manga project (Hourglass) and haven't had much time to do anything else for a while. But one week last month I went to two memorial services so the thought of death was fresh in my mind and I sat down one night af…
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May 05, 2016
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More chibi art
Sorry it's been so long guys but I've been so busy with my manga and work that I haven't had much time to do other art.  :critiqueplz: (that title so creative!)
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Apr 07, 2016
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Is it a Chibi or not?
:critiqueplz: So I was experimenting with some different proportions to test and see how much my style can change and still be my style (does that make any since?) and this was my favorite out of the batch so I thought that once I had a chance I would show you guys! (and here anything that you had to say about…
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Mar 10, 2016
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shoujo drwing
:critiqueplz: I know, I know, I draw in an extremely shonen style so why on earth would I want to draw in a shoujo style? well their are a couple of reasons, the first is because I felt like it. The second was because of a conversation I had with a member on here, and third is because I wanted to dust my shoujo…
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Feb 26, 2016
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Sitting pose
I did this without a reference because I had only planned it to be a warm up drawing and over the three days that I worked on it. Needless to say I it quickly became one of my favorite drawings. (I seem to say that a lot)  :critiqueplz: 
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Feb 16, 2016
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