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Dipper meets Bill
Some Gravity Falls Fan art. This pic took my 3 days to make, and I'm really happy how it turned out!

My one regret in making it is that I didn't draw using my own art style. (To be fair though, I currently don't HAVE an art style. ^^')
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Feb 07, 2017
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This is a gift for my sis, Kitsy! ^_^

It's what I think Mr. Mortality would look like as a Lackadaisy cat. I chose the breed of an Oriental Shorthair.
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Mar 09, 2017
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Who are you?...
This was fun to make, but the sweater-cape was surprisingly hard. I had to stand in front of a mirror with my sweater wrapped around my neck figuring out how it's shaped, and then run over to the computer to sketch the shapes into the drawing.
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Mar 14, 2017
Max and Grape ~<3
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Mar 17, 2017
Mordecai water color
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Apr 20, 2017
My Batman Water Color
I was inspired to try drawing Batman as an angel. It ended up evolving into this. I think it may just be my finest work. :herotimeplz:
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Jul 16, 2016
This is another water color I did of Batman, this time with Superman. I think this is my best one yet!

It's pretty similar to my last Batman water color. I re-used some elements from it... because I CAN! SO THERE!!! *yelling at no one in particular*
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Jul 26, 2016
My first entry in the August art challenge
What can I say other than I love Sonic the Hedgehog! I drew this because I'm excited for Sonic Mania.
It's also my first entry for the August art challenge, so there will be plenty more drawings to come, and ALL of them will be of Sonic! JK! :P
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Aug 01, 2016
August 2016 Challenge (Day 2)
This was a bit delayed. I was trying to design a cool bat logo, the other day.
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Aug 04, 2016
Surprise FG!
This my gift for Foreign Grid!  :D It's a stained glass window version of her drawing for the art challenge that she made yesterday.

Unfortunately, it turned out pretty lopsided.  :-[

I hope you like it, anyway, FG!
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Aug 09, 2016
Gravity Falls meets Ninjerry
I was inspired by Kitsy and Yoro to make this. I used a pic of Dipper as a reference. His face looks less blotchy in real life.
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Aug 17, 2016
Rocky Rickaby
Here's a sketch I made that actually looks kind of awesome.

It's probably hard to see, but that's smoke behind Rocky. Oh, and it's also probably hard to tell, but this is art. Trust me.
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Oct 24, 2016
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Batman fanart
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Oct 01, 2017
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Nick and Judy
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Oct 01, 2017
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Rocky and Freckle
Here's fan art of when Rocky and Freckle were both kids. I decided to make it autumn themed. A lot of inspiration was taken from this picture:

I have to say, I think this has to be one my best entries for August Art challenge, so far (Meanin…
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Aug 27, 2016
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