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here is where you can find some terrible pictures!  :P
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first manga strip EVER
Ya this is the FIRST manga (I've only had the computer art stuff for 2 moths) strip I've made, it was  before I knew how to make speech balloons.
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 Rating: 4.94
Mar 17, 2017
Koi sketch (shrug)
This is a weird sketch that I did of one of the best fish ever KOI!!!
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 Comments: 6
May 09, 2017
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more practises
more practices lol
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 Comments: 6
May 17, 2017
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This is for my good friend lizzie! Thank you for saint tail! I hope you like this picture! ;D
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 Comments: 8
 Rating: 4.97
May 06, 2017
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wierd, raandom strip
This is something random I drew last night (when I'm supposed to be asleep) it was sloppy since I was tired.
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 Comments: 7
Apr 13, 2017
random background (crud)
tring to learn how to draw backdrops, UGH IM SO BAD AT THIS! but it is my first try so what ever
 Views: 53
 Comments: 9
May 17, 2017
ren from shelter
ya this is not one of my best works but what ever. here is ren from shelter!
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 Comments: 5
 Rating: 4.94
Mar 17, 2017
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Another practice on semi-realistic
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 Rating: 4.94
May 07, 2017
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random :critiqueplz:
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 Comments: 12
Apr 06, 2017
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villian practice (XD LOOKS SO BAD!!)
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 Comments: 11
Jun 15, 2017
this is a little pic of violet evergarden, the main character in a upcoming anime that I have been hipped for since October.
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 Comments: 4
Apr 08, 2017
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(random manga strip)
 Views: 44
 Comments: 13
Aug 04, 2017
computer sketch
this is a sketch for the manga I'm making THIS summer, I have not posted what it is about but I finally decided that it would be easy enough for my first manga. this is Reizo! and yes he his a HE!
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 Comments: 5
Apr 04, 2017
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this is a tribute to a character ship that me and my friend both loved but never happened in our favorite manga strobe edge.
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 Comments: 2
Apr 12, 2017
(nya) more practice
sigh* more practice
 Views: 43
 Comments: 6
Jun 16, 2017
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