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here is where you can find some terrible pictures!  :P
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Koi sketch (shrug)
This is a weird sketch that I did of one of the best fish ever KOI!!!
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May 09, 2017
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more practises
more practices lol
 Views: 67
 Comments: 6
May 17, 2017
this is a little pic of violet evergarden, the main character in a upcoming anime that I have been hipped for since October.
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 Comments: 4
Apr 08, 2017
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This is for my good friend lizzie! Thank you for saint tail! I hope you like this picture! ;D
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 Rating: 4.97
May 06, 2017
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wierd, raandom strip
This is something random I drew last night (when I'm supposed to be asleep) it was sloppy since I was tired.
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Apr 13, 2017
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Another practice on semi-realistic
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 Rating: 4.94
May 07, 2017
a certain scientific railgun
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 Rating: 4.94
Sep 21, 2017
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erm, kinda weird haha T T
this is what happens when im drunk on coffee and listening to a mecha about a kid who got his eye shot out and gets an even better one X( im pretty upset with how this came out (what gender is it any way, it looks more like a girl, but I guess it could pass as a young boy)
 Views: 61
 Comments: 10
Aug 18, 2017
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sword art online (kirito)
 Views: 60
 Comments: 15
 Rating: 4.94
Oct 02, 2017
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random :critiqueplz:
 Views: 59
 Comments: 12
Apr 06, 2017
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 Views: 59
 Comments: 11
Aug 23, 2017
random background (crud)
tring to learn how to draw backdrops, UGH IM SO BAD AT THIS! but it is my first try so what ever
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 Comments: 9
May 17, 2017
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(random manga strip)
 Views: 57
 Comments: 13
Aug 04, 2017
have you ever had the feeling, the feeling of being shattered into a million pieces, as if your whole world as you know it, just slipped from your finger tips.
 Views: 54
 Comments: 6
Jul 17, 2017
steam punk ISH
 Views: 54
 Comments: 6
 Rating: 4.94
Sep 28, 2017
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