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Free Art that I'll make on a whim, or by request
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Happy Birthday, Cherry!
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Jan 27, 2018
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Sweater Monster
Merry Christmas Red and Forge~
 Views: 67
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Dec 01, 2017
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Ariel gift art
This is gift art I made for my sis's birthday. :)
 Views: 64
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Nov 14, 2017
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This was an art trade with an acquaintance on Deviant Art
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 Comments: 2
Oct 20, 2017
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Midoriya for Cherry
I hope you like it Cher!
 Views: 137
 Comments: 16
 Rating: 4.97
Oct 14, 2017
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Shi for Cherry
I hope you like it Cherry! ^-^
 Views: 62
 Comments: 3
Oct 06, 2017
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Soo Won
Slightly less awful than my kaito sketch. lol
 Views: 36
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Sep 12, 2017
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This is a really awful rough sketch I made that cherry pleaded for me to post. It only took 5 minutes to make, so DON'T JUDGE ME!
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Sep 12, 2017
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To Miku
This is some gift art that I made for Miku for sending me my 2000th message! I put a lot more effort into it than I originally meant to cause I just love Inside Out so much. X3 It was a lot of fun to make~
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Sep 05, 2017
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Hope you like it Cherry!
 Views: 62
 Comments: 9
Sep 01, 2017
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This is gift art for Rig for sending me my 1900th message!
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 Comments: 12
Sep 01, 2017
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Rig avi
Here you go Rig! I hope you like it. ^-^

I wanted to test out some watercolors i got in the mail, so i used them on this pic.
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Aug 16, 2017
Happy Birthday Lizzie!
I hope you like it, Liz! (you actually have to, because Sonic would only agree to do this because I told him it's your birthday :P)

I made this partially for Lizzy's birthday, because she's a sonic fan (like me), but also partially to celebrate the release of Sonic Mania. I've been waiting for this…
 Views: 155
 Comments: 4
 Rating: 4.94
Aug 15, 2017
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Kitsy avi
This is an avatar i made for my sister, Kitsy. I decided to experiment with the style, so it looks wildly different from my usual drawings. It took me all night to finish, but I'm really proud of it! ^-^ 
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Aug 13, 2017
Happy (late) Birthday Yoro!
I hope you like it Yoro! I know that you like mermaids, so I drew a mermaid tail.

I was feeling experimental with this one, so I decided to try emulating Rig's art style. I don't know if I did a good job. ^^; Oh well! it was a fun and unusual experience.
 Views: 64
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Jul 13, 2017
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