Dagon Harley Chibi I need to get a bigg… Psychology- WIP
I need to get a bigger scanner...
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As you can see, with the combination of bad lighting and a even worse camera, this picture looks worthless. (I'll retake the photo in the morning with a better camera and better lighting)  :critiqueplz: :redlineplz: Not sure why it's uploading as sideways...

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PostedJanuary 15, 2015, 06:14:21 PM
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Comment #1 - Posted January 16, 2015, 01:20:04 AM
I hope you don't mind me saying this, but that guy is creepy!!  The sole light above his head, one eye hidden, his head to one side and his crazy smile... what is he planning?!


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Comment #2 - Posted January 16, 2015, 01:57:42 AM
All in all I think you did a great job here ArtisticDreamer! As for crit-it's like...really really nit picky stuff.
The lighting effects for his jacket and his pants seem jussst a bit too WHITE for me. Often times I've noticed that black fabrics really do a great job absorbing light, so I would just probably grey up the edges of the highlights a little in photoshop or something just to see how it looks and experiment with that. Also I think maybe a just a few more wrinkles in the jacket might add a bit more character, you can actually indicate the wrinkles with highlights, (wrinkles around the midsection where he is sitting down. Even though suits are made not to make wrinkles, they still do from time to time especially around anatomical joints and bending points: "Elbows,knees,armpits,ankles,hips<from time to time>, and the wrists.<though  with straight cuffed jackets like that I don't think they make a lot of wrinkles around the wrists. Correct me if I'm wrong with that>"
And one last thing, how the light is formed here in his picture would actually cast shadow over much of the lower extremities of his face and just generally his whole body, the face though is just a little too lit up to me, it seems like there's actually another weaker light source coming from viewer. But if the light above is the ONLY light source, I say, try to get some more shadows around the outside edges and underneath to give the impression that the only light is coming from that one lamp, which would actually give this piece an even creepier darker feeling, the kind that makes your hair just stand on end. (though I think you did that pretty decently well already.)

Sorry XD; moe ting...

The mouth actually, either needs to have more indication of a tongue if he's wide open mouth laughing, or more  bottom teeth if he's just being flat out scary and trying to intimidate the person he's talking to. (Viewer or some other character)

Good Job with the Graffiti by the way, I've actually studied a little bit how to do it myself, and I have a sample piece on my MZ forum if you ever wanna see it! Thanks for letting me crit you, I hope this stuff helps.

Here's a picture for lighting reference. It might be a bit dark, but you can get similar pictures if you look up, "I Am Second" on google and click pictures, the cool thing about I Am Second is that they are a bunch of people giving their testimonies of how they got to know Christ sitting in a chair with a light over their head in a dark room being interviewed basically. They have some neat stuff if you want to just check them out for that, (but I will warn you there are some people with some pretty dark pasts who talk about their pasts before Christ and how they got to know him.)

So anyways, God bless! And I hope this post blesses you in some way.

Roach Sinch

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Comment #3 - Posted January 16, 2015, 06:50:47 AM
great job ^^


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Comment #4 - Posted March 01, 2015, 10:19:57 PM
WOW! Didju draw this? It's really good! :3


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Comment #5 - Posted March 02, 2015, 03:26:40 PM
@SilverRaven: Yup! It took me 20+ hours to draw...
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