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8D .....
Ro, ?, Aurto, and Claw
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Posted by Hikaru Jinx
Mar 29, 2013
in my characters and other drawin…
this is the psychopath who killed Mikal's parents and scarred her face. he has also threatened Claw and M.
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Posted by Hikaru Jinx
Mar 31, 2013
in my characters and other drawin…
A Happy bithday gift to my Lil' sis!!!^-^
My first completely CG art- lineart+Coloring
Thanks To the LORD for that!!! i am so grateful that he guided me throughout!
And an amazing thing is that i did it without using pen and tablet!!!! Praise God for that! Only by his Help  was this POSSIBLE!!XXXXXDDDD ;D ;D ;D
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 Rating: 4.10
Posted by Gods Grace
Apr 11, 2013
apple pie in your eye
 this was a pic i did for a sweets desert manga contest 2 years ago
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Posted by pauldraws
Feb 04, 2013
in manga
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Dancing Qara- W.I.P
 :critiqueplz: I didn't use a reference for this. I did.however have something inspire the pose. Anyways, This is Qara. She is a acrobatic dancer and musician all wrapped into one! Qara is from branch of nomadic tribe. Her branch of family are more circus people, performers.  Care free people who live life to t…
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Posted by hitomi
Oct 09, 2015
in hitomi's art
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