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Re: Savior Story
« Reply #570 on: June 10, 2017, 03:00:01 PM »
I'm really thinking about removing meals in my game, at least, as items. It would free up some item space, for one. I based the idea on Monster Hunter and in that game, the meals don't act like Raw Meat or Well-Done Steak or anything else that restores Stamina. You basically just eat meals in the village to gain unique buffs. I could make my meals similar, where you can only get them in a town and they'd likely restore all SP (just like resting) but could also add buffs of some sort, maybe even unique Food Effects for more effective training of stats when Train is chosen.

Y'know, I've even considered having my meal idea be something tied in with sitting down and eating, like in Grandia. In that game, you can choose to have meals at inns and when you do, everyone is sitting around eating and you can have conversations with them while you eat. I would like to have optional conversation stuff, so maybe that'd be one place it could happen? But honestly, I'm not the kinda person who enjoys talking and eating at the same time so much. Maybe I'd make it one way you could have optional conversations, but not the only time.

I was considering trying to alter my food, to make the SP restoration based on how many calories something gives (I could do Google searches on certain foods to get basic numbers) and maybe the variance would be based on protein, but ultimately, I don't think I should. I don't wanna try to be too influenced by real stuff, because this stuff isn't real and I feel like I'll run into a wall at some point. So, I'm just sticking with the numbers that're used now, which were mostly generated at random. Y'know, unless I change my mind...

I did alter a rule I've had set up for awhile, actually. Basically, the growth types that can learn 5 Skills/FP consuming (or Special) attacks mostly have been unable to learn any Mix skills, just attacks. The exceptions were Balanced and Defense growth types, which would learn 7 and 6 Mix skills, respectively. I made it so now, any growth type that learns 5 Skills/Special attacks can either learn 7, 6, or no Mix skills. The growth types that can learn more than that would be Support (11), Item (12) and Mix (14). They, however, also only get 4 Skills/Special attacks.

To make Mixing more important, I wanted to make it so there are many items that can't be bought at stores, only created by Mixing. Maybe I'll make that MOST stores, but make some exceptions, I don't know. Weird if you could sell items to vendors that no vendors sell, but maybe I'm being too nitpicky.

I've been toying with characters. I'm thinking of making Micah have 6 Mix skills (Malachi is planned with 7, all of the Survival skills, as he's a very huntery guy, while Fide is planned for 6 and Liana for 14 or 12), so he'll maybe be able to make every kind of toxin-tipped throwing knife and then finally Poisondust, but at the expense of not learning Shotgun or Martial Arts attacks. I like guns, but Shotguns in my experience, mainly when I was younger, had a bit more kick than I liked so I am not as interested in them. Martial arts, I actually wouldn't mind learning, I think it'd be very useful, both in real life and in this game, but I tend to focus more on weapons and equipment, so as a character, I don't think Micah, who is based on me, would be skilled in that.
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