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Re: Niki's Art
« Reply #915 on: June 07, 2017, 09:39:42 PM »
Awww <3 thanks you too, you're too sweet :>

Well, as I said, I had some more art to post from Chronicles.

First and foremost: LOOKIT MY NEW CHARACTERS. ESPECIALLY PAY ATTENTION TO HEN. I love him, he's my baby. He's so important and good.
This set of character is from a story set some 4000yrs before The Greylight takes place, telling to story of the origins of the central country in The Greylight's narrative and the origin of three of the families in TG.

Some more sketches of the new babies~ I was playing a bit with drawing stylistically, and I super like how Hen and Les came out, super cute <3
Also, that cutie in the bottom right corner is Ronin's distant great grandfather from 4000yrs back .w.

And another set of characters from another story from the Chronicles, this one is Misha's backstory. So Mish bby and some friends~

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Re: Niki's Art
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Wow, amazing work, Nikita! I love it whenever you post something

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Re: Niki's Art
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Your character designs are amazing! And you're really good at drawing muscles!

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