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Re: Random thoughts <3
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@Micah Seven Eighteen
That's incredible. I haven't abandoned the traditional teaching on this (and I don't think I ever will), but even if I did, her story would make me stop and think through the practical implications of "equality" as an inherent value. It might even make me say, "It may be alright to act on these desires, but it's not alright to drag anyone else into it -- especially children, especially by means of the state." That would be a big step for many.
Yeah, I definitely wouldn't abandon the Biblical view over this nor would I want anyone else to either, but her story is very sad. Kinda interesting to see someone raised from that viewpoint still admit to feeling that need for a Father.

It's crazy the suppression we see taking place in our culture, a culture that has abandoned and rejected God, just like Romans 1 states. Our culture doesn't want equality, an agenda is being pushed hardcore. Critics of that agenda are not being debated with but being shouted down, repetition of falsehood being relied upon to silence them. There is no attempt at refuting them with any meaningful argumentation.

I don't know if this woman professes Christianity, though if she did, you can hear in her language the baggage she still carries, even if it were a genuine profession. If she doesn't know Him, I pray she will repent and put her trust in Christ.
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Re: Random thoughts <3
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@Micah Seven Eighteen
Don't worry, Micah. I'm not going anywhere. ;)

I take it you've read Dr. White's Same Sex Controversy? I haven't read it, but I know what he has to say (I remember him talking about it on his show, and I think he's read most of the relevant literature).
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Re: Random thoughts <3
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...So apparently "fried chicken noodle soup on a stick" is a thing. I didn't know this.
It comes with a side of crackers if you want some.  :onionxdplz:
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Re: Random thoughts <3
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I want that now
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