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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #90 on: November 01, 2017, 04:26:38 PM »
Welp, nothing long or sappy, but just a thank you to Ink, Mel, and CalĖ to CM. This place has played crucial parts in my growing up. I have been pretty much a dead member the past couple years but back in my early days this place felt like a cyber home. Certain conversations i had on here altered the direction of my life, and I don't think I'd be who I am today without good ol Christian :) My only regret is not being more involved and for not developing deeper relationships here. Thanks all  :baibaiplz:
I'll stick around for the remainder of existence as we know it XD

Found this place from reading The Truth Chronicles. I believe I've mentioned that before, but wanted to give those books another shout out :)
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Tell me, why do we, as human beings, think that we can change the truth by believing a lie?
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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #91 on: November 11, 2017, 03:04:02 PM »
Found this place from reading The Truth Chronicles. I believe I've mentioned that before, but wanted to give those books another shout out :)
Hey, me too! :D
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Hope to see ya! 🙋

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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #92 on: November 22, 2017, 03:39:51 AM »
(apologies in advance for the length and likely questionable grammar / general misuse of commas and proper sentence structure.)

So back since Red first told me about this (thank you again for that dear <3) I had been trying to type up a response, the google doc where I was drafting my thoughts has this as the first line: "It's not like I didn't already have enough to cry about." Because honestly as much as I knew and expected that CM would have to one day close up, reading the news about it nearly did make me cry especially on top of everything else that's been going on. This place has been a part of my life for a pretty long time, and honestly it really sucks to say goodbye to something else right now.

According to my profile I've been a member since April 28, 2008 - that's over 9 years - from what I recall Iíve been here pretty much since the start. I remember way back then, first seeing a post on AnimeAngels about the forum here opening up. (I think it was MelMak or Ichigo who had posted about it?) If I remember right Ichigo, Alpha, and I all came over from AA - most of the original group of people here at CM were from there, CAA, or the chat box that was around before the forum was. I have never posted that much compared to most (honestly although I've been here so long I still doubt I'm even all that memorable to most people), but I remember almost everyone that's come through here. So many people I got to know and considered friends, so many I still wonder about "whatever happened to...?", and quite a few wonderful souls I'm still so lucky to be friends with now.

Iíve joined many forums in the time Iíve spent online, most closed or just vanished sometime after I joined, but only CM (and AnimeAngels before it) were places where I felt like it was a home of sorts, with friends and people who actually knew me and cared. Of all the friendships Iíd made elsewhere only like 2 still exist outside of people Iíve met here and some offline ones.

CM has always basically been my one constant home. I didn't grow up with a hometown or childhood friends, my dad was in the Military, we moved every 3 years if not sooner. If I made a friend either we'd move or they'd move and we'd never see each other again. Even after he retired we still didn't stay in one place long. And Iíve loved that part of my life, but it was always a little sad when other people talked about the friends theyíve known forever when I was the quiet new kid in the group, again. This was one place it didn't matter if we moved, CM is / was a constant place to go to with a constant group of people that I knew. And they were all different people from different places and it didnít feel like I was having to try to fit into a group of people that had all grown up together and already knew everything about each other.

Over the years here we had fun talks about fandoms and silly things. I got Ichigo and Ichara and Em into kpop (because if anyone came to know anything about me it was that Kpop was my favorite thing), we had discussions of possible plans for a convention maybe and I remember being so excited when I was included in trying to work out a possible website for it. Just being able to escape problems in real life when needed with random games, and threads about our favorite things, or the person above us, or the fun RPs I was too scared to join in on myself, but always loved to read through. Iíd be so inspired and motivated by artists I considered so much better than me who were actually leaving a comment on my work or drawing me something. Iíd draw little things to welcome new members, and just be so happy they liked my efforts. Having people actually call me their friend and want to talk to me and send me messages. And it wasnít all just fun and games, but being able to fall apart and ask for prayers too whenever life wasnít going great or even just simple things like a cold, or me worrying over the cat that followed me home one day and it suddenly not showing up again after it had been there almost everyday after. Being able to try and help others who were having a hard time with words and prayers of my own as well. Learning so many things from those wiser who were willing to share time and effort and even their personal struggles and testimonies.

Please never think this was a waste of time or that it didnít amount to anything of worth. This community has always been here (not just for me, but as other have shared too, for many of us), when it was needed most. If not for CM I would never have met so many people whoíve helped more than they know with kind messages just checking up on me randomly, or funny things to help me laugh when they had no idea how hard things actually were, praying for me, or just being there to listen.

Not that I have much room to talk, to be perfectly honest, as I've never been around. I'm pretty sure most people here are probably thinking, "Who the heck is this person talking like they know stuff?"

Can I just say back in the day I always thought of you as an artist I dreamed of being half as good as. When you would reply on my art thread I was always so excited at such a GOOD artist thinking my work was worth commenting on. You drew one of my characters forever ago and I still have that picture saved.

CM closing is POSTPONED (no new date set).  After this I just can't do this right now

I'm sorry that I caused things to change from plans, but thank you so much for holding off on closing for a bit. I needed all of you and your prayers a lot these past days/weeks(? I've honestly lost track of time and days lately). I've not replied well to everyone, but seriously thank you all of you.

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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #93 on: December 02, 2017, 12:31:01 PM »
It's probably really late to be posting this (as I also creep out from the shadows), but I am glad I saw this before it was too late. I haven't been the best at keeping up with CM because of school but you all have been a huge blessing to me and I thank you for being the lights that you are. I love you all! I don't post my art much, but when I do it's on DeviantArt, so you can probably find me there if you'd like. Eventually I'll get back around to updating Refined by Fire, hahaha. Thank you for letting me join in for a little while! God's blessings go with all of you!

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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #94 on: December 06, 2017, 02:51:57 PM »
 I posted in this forum near the start and it was very direct and didn't show much emotion. I'm a private person and I'm pretty for reasons I will explain but first. I want to thank   the Inky, Melody and all others who put their time, emotions and effort into this site. It granted alot of positivity here for many young Christians. Over all it's a good place witch I'm thankful for.

  But not many of you know the dark side of CM and some of the members in it. Honesty, when I first joined, I felt safe herem like I could who I was and not be judged. For my art not to cruelly  criticised by my abusive mom. But sadly I was not safe.  I was bullied here. By 3 or maybe 4 people. They tried to run me off the site and when I didn't leave. They spread lies and rumors of me. Why? I'm not entirely sure. I know they disliked my art and concepts of characters because their lil feelings were bother by a bit of a creepy drawing. One even said " Her Characters have been changed by Demons" another one said " your artwork is demonic" " disturbing and a disgrace against God"  I think I will make it public with the names since CM is closing. I don't think it real matters as two of the users aren't here. Songa as you  may know. Some of you newer members may not. She was leader of it and lied to Jeda\ Ski about me. On many occasions Jeda tried to attack me. Even, the last time she was active she willing went out of her way to say go a few members to "Ignore her" " I was butthurt over a Critique " in no shape or form did she tried to Critique my art. She even lied about a few other members here on CM. Even when her ban at the time. She was able to come on the chat when it was active through Kaze. Who was part of their group.  Which is pretty shady thing to do. Act as the messager or middle man when that member you're sending messages with was ban at the time.  This kind of behavior is not Christ like or even good human behavior.  The damage they caused to me will for a long time hurt me.  It still caused damage with other members who aren't active now. Many of them who heard the rumors didn't talk to me. Songa and Jeda and jaded them.

Now this  doesn't bother me as much as it once did. In fact I'm glad it happened to me despite all the negative emotions and damage it had caused me. Even made me want to quit drawing which was my only outlet that basically saved me from a very dark action I was going to take. But I never quit and my art has improved greatly. Through hardships it made me grow.  It's made me a stronger, wiser person. For the future, I will never let this happen to me. Or others. I do not stand for bullying.

Just one last thing I want to say.  Don't always trust a person just because they are "Christian"  its like don't put your trust in someone till you know you can. Some Christians are monsters! And I've met some of some online and offline. Becareful, a monster may be right Infront of you and you may not know it till it's to late.

 Now, I'm done with that. I will speak more about the postivity of CM. There has been such great people here. More so that out numbered the bad. Many of you have encouraged me. Not always directly but your messages. This site and the people have been uplifting and so kind. Though, I'm not exactly a active one. I pop up time to time. But I always see postivity here. The art growth and being able to see people's styles and creativity come alive. I will miss this place. Even though personal it brings up some pretty dark memories. I love you all! And keep spreading love and good will to all!

 From the bottom of my heart I thank you all!
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 Rest in peace.  You won't be forgetten

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Re: CM Closing (POSTPONED)
« Reply #95 on: December 06, 2017, 04:09:49 PM »
Going to lock this thread for now until I have more details about the site closing.